THE BLACK SWAN EFFECT: Creating Breakthroughs out of the Unpredictable

“Remember that you are a Black Swan.”
― Nassim Nicholas Taleb, The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable

In the book Titled “The Miracle of Right Thought” Author Orison Swett Marden, in a chapter called “The Great Within” spoke to me about the current situation that is currently taking place in the global marketplace and that which is to come. Marden writes about the invisible nature of power, the significance of its use, and the importance of being aware of such powers. At the epicenter of this global and widespread pandemic we need a way to recognize, acknowledge and reflect on this “Great Within”. We have entered a new norm in our global society one that calls for us to embrace a anew norm. No longer can we ignore how important is it to challenge our old paradigms and assumptions as to the outdated patterns and thought processes that no longer serve us. Life is calling for advanced neural networks to be formed in the brain.

These neural networks according to deep learning, machine learning and A.I. are algorithms formulated for the recognition of patterns that is loosely modeled after the brain. It’s important that you find a way to interpret the data (i.e. facts, figures & daily occurrences) in order to create a black swan of your own. Comparable, to 5G technology (i.e. High bandwidth, Millimeter waves, Small Cells, Massive MIMO, Beamforming & Full duplex), these neural networks grant us access into a bigger frequency of broadcasts. Use the current for your benefit and don’t allow the forces to be to make mockery of your intelligence. There is something bigger than the eye can see at play if you are willing to do the work. Be mindful of whats going on in and around your world.

The world is currently in a global pandemic and the opportunity to create massive amounts of wealth abounds only if you can see around the corner. It isn’t no accident that wealthy people plan decade to decade (10 years in advance). Somewhere in the world lies 5,6,7, & 8G only to be discovered. There is nothing new under the Sun because what was will always be. It’s just that we need more prepared bodies and minds to take on the ideas that somehow seems to engulf the minds of our Zuckerberg’s, & Gates. In these economic times that has circled back around the planet, its more about studying the current, digging through trends and finding the means to specialize in a niche that you can dominate, thus creating a specialized proposition for your future conglomerate. I am seeing massive amounts of wealth being created in the next 20 years for those who can get in front of the trends.  

If your life is predictable then change it because what you don’t know can kill your future. At this present moment everything that we know is changing and becoming uprooted in some way.  These times are calling for new levels of adjustment. I am sensing a new order emerging out of this cross-cultural bilingual learner who has the capacity to formulate solutions for his industry through the study of linear industries for which that individual would be unconsciously incompetent. Orison Swett Marden explains it this way..

The future Physician will be a trained psychologist, a real educator of the people, showing them how to think properly; explaining how right thought makes a right life; that their bodily conditions are simply reflections and outpicturings of their mental attitudes, present and past, and how, by changing the thought they can change the life”

This is what I call the “Black Swan” effect which is a narrative that creates unpredictable outcomes. In the world of Business, it can be fashioned to “Blue Oceans” or a series of strategies that helps create uncontested marketspace; removing your business from the shark infested bloody red waters of stiff competition to a first-mover advantage (A specialized carved out customer base). The Black Swan” effect will upend industries and create new Unicorns that will dominate for the next 20 years.  If you can grab a hold of this your only competition will be the current. This pandemic was created to move you out of your role as 2nd fiddle to a more pronounced global influencer.

Here are 12 Business Ideas that will help you create a new world in this pandemic

Adjust what you don’t know.

Become an Outlier

Get in front of the future

Increase your learning

Become a Specialist in your Industry

Build up Your Immune system

Study the Current (Trends)

Develop a groupthink mentality (Isolation is the new poverty)

Write the Vision & Make it plain

Build your Spiritual Altar

Journal your daily experiences

Update your Technological Prowess

Creating a new world out of the unforeseen is a task for the brave but it is manageable. These Keywords should dominate your mind day in and day out if are an entrepreneur (Generate, Produce, Design, Build, Manufacture, Construct, and Invent). Grant yourself room to reflect and find the means for coming out of this pandemic better than when your first find yourself in the middle of it.

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