Why Reconnecting with our Black Youth is Critical amid COVID-19: Educating the past, present & future

 From the poorest of countries to the richest of nations, education is the key to moving forward in any society. ~Nelson Mandela

It is an extreme blessing from God that I can educate my son about the times in which we live. I can help him in managing the transition from “Brick -N- Mortal to Click-N-Order, allow him room to become a critical thinker and be a voice of reason concerning his mental development. As a 14-year-old my son allows me to view the world through the lens of a teenager. Although, my wisdom is sufficient to help him and myself to navigate these unchartered waters; I am beginning to see new patterns emerge as it relates to my purpose on this earth. At times, as with all parents we may feel as if our words are not penetrating deep enough. It’s a mater of life and death in terms of making sure we prepare them for the road ahead. Yes, they will make tons of mistakes in the real world despite the upbringing but its more about giving them a moral & ethical foundation around the concept of education that will be key to moving forward in any society.

If you can believe it God has taken America back to educational standards in the Ancient (New Testament) world; where the home was the chief institution for the dispensation of elementary education. Synagogues, and mosques were constructed with attached schools where all children could be found, like what we see today with many of our private & parochial Christian school settings. Because of this global pandemic we currently face parents are now being forced somewhat to educate from home and to get back to the worship of God through family. The dinner table now glows with great wisdom because fast food & fine dining eateries can’t consume family time that has been placed outside the home. Yes, the social interaction kids are used to has taken a hit only for a moment. In time the world will look back and realize the benefits and blessings of perpetuated ignorance (i.e. man-made diseases).   

So, now we get a chance to reconnect with our sons in a way that becomes more in the way of establishing a legacy. It’s an opportunity to expand our horizons, learn new things, explore and just be able to impact the minds of future generations to come. When it come to instructing our sons, we must tell them the obstacles and hurdles that we overcame and those that they may face in the future. These times allow God to come to the forefront as the foundational piece for their success. As an Educationist, Entrepreneur, Father & Mentor to young men it’s important that I start in my own home and pour out into my son. He needs to understand about Ancient African Civilizations, why faith is a key ingredient to his success and how he can lead our legacy into the next 10 generations. It’s not an easy proposition considering the reality of a teenager in America during such a crisis as it’s a lot to unpack for these youngsters. Unless I can get my son to produce for his community I have failed as a father.

The responsibility inherent in being able to provide jobs, educate and lead others is something for which start our young men down the road towards manhood. It’s an incredible assertion for black males to think manhood starts when they have a baby, go to college, get married or even in African tradition turn twelve (rights of passage). Scientifically, men don’t truly start to hit their stride until the age of 40-50 and around 60 as a means for controlling industries. The notion is that educating and reconnecting with our sons helps us to see how vulnerable we are in these throws of life. At the of 38 I am still in need of many counselors and wise men who can lead me beyond my present circumstances. It truly takes a village just see our children reach the age of 30 let alone 40, 50, 60 or even 70. We must be able to give our young men knowledge and discretion that they may be able to hear and increase in their own understanding.

The COVID-19 is something that will reset the educational systems of America as we know it. It’s an invisible reset one for which can’t be seen by all. August 2020 marks the end of our 400-year conquest as subjugated patrons in America. These 400 years of miseducation was deliberate which means it will take a revolutionary stance in order to fight for the minds of our youth. God sent the manmade plagues (COVID-19) because Pharaoh refused to let go of the oppressive hold they have placed on the minds of our youth. Dr. Amos Wilson, noted African American theoretical psychologist, social theorist, Pan-African thinker, scholar, author and former professor of psychology at the City University of New York; explains that “It’s important to study the framework of black education within the context of an oppressive system that profits from the mental subjugation of black minds”   

And because black minds have been educated in such an oppressive educational system for the last 200 years; will take a village to produce free minds that can be trained to become men. It’s a process that is happening as we currently speak and process that calls for reconnecting with our black sons the world over. As crazy as it sounds educating black youth in a mammon laden culture calls for more businessmen to specialize in education as means for returning products of our labor back into our own communities.

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