Commentary on Dr. John Henrik Clarke’s thoughts on Public Education

The public school system is not an educational institution. You must distinguish between education and training. You can train a dog, you can train a seal, but once the dog learns how to think he will bite you and get away. But, if you train him to jump through loops, he will jump through loops. ~Dr. John Henrik Clarke

If the public school system is not an educational institution then what is it? What strange connotation can we bring in to describe the nature of a system that has repeatedly failed to live up to its standards and deliver on its promises? If we put learning and the minds of our youth to the side what’s left? Power? Dominion? Affluence? Why hasn’t education been taught from the perspective of power, dominion or affluence? Who wants to keep the educational system under its control?Why? What’s the upside of an educated & Liberated America?

Never mind to the fact that the American education power structure wants to hold on to that influence for as long as possible in order to maintain its affluence over the domain of education. But, is that a good idea considering nations of the world and their phenomenal educational prowess (i.e. Findland, Japan, Denmark Russia, Norway, etc.)? Having spent majority of my life in the American educational system I can say that there are some good moments and then you have your all-time worst bureaucratic red-tape moments, where black and brown children are being caught up in the polarization of a system that was never built for the minds of children of color.

Numbers, facts and statistics isn’t a good indicator for me to truly rationalize the public educational system as viable option in teaching the future minds of America let alone children of African-American descent. Again, changing any type of system will take time and there are no real easy fixes including (No child left behind act), which served as a standards based education reform. But, is it that important to create such a huge gap in the knowledge that is being disseminated? Although, It’s important to note that power and progress go hand in hand and one cannot exist without the other; there still must be a balance in all levels of power.

As the “no child left behind” program was another advancement in the development of power it failed to raise the education standards, for which could create equal regulation across the board. Now, homeschooling, online school, charter schooling and all other types of non-traditional schools are beginning to sprout up in place of a system that is hell bent on destroying the power of a freethinking mind. Teaching a young and feeble mind what to think verses how to think is the crux on his article. Dr. Henrik Clarke explains that education is a Multi-billion dollar industry which is funded in part by the controlling of the minds of our youth.

Let’s face it. It is difficult on any level to educate the people in whom you are seeing as a threat to your standard and way of existence. It’s just a hierarchical system that is poised to keep the bottom as a low-level thinking class of patrons for the sole benefit of power, affluence and dominion among the higher echelon’s of society. In Niccolo Machiavelli’s “The Prince” it mentions that ” All states and dominions which hold or have held sway over mankind are either republics or monarchies. Although, America is a republican “for the people” ideology it is actually a private entity tailored for the very few. Although, a growing knowledge gap exists in America’s educational system its still important to find common ground surrounding why our educational system is getting worse and not better.

As a final thought, I would like to say that a public educational system should be viewed as something with invisible controls behind the scene. As a parent to two children that is currently in the public education system, I am having to work overtime to fight against those mental blocks that secretly bombard the potential of my children. I teach them how to think verses what to think. The process has been a slow and deliberate journey but they are able to think beyond a good grade. They are getting trained to work in the family business instead of Higher-Education’s family business. (i.e. corporate america & prison).

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