Thoughts on American Life & Her Fictional Quest for Greatness

American life has become necessary for our development. We needed the good, bad and ugly of her gestational period. She has done her job well and will continue to do so for some time. We needed this time to learn and grow as a people. All is not lost and a brighter future awaits for the generations to come. Sitting deep within the sins of her border America looks on trying to find its way through the maze of confusion. She is a melting pot of gender differences and social ideological constructs. Top to bottom she sings and whistles the blues. Born of a corruptible seed the world has been faced with getting to know her on a personal level. Her reach extends beyond space and she knows no boundaries. She operates on different dimensions and speaks to us through its own inhabitants.

It’s us who makes up the fabric of her life. She exists only as a seed for our temporary response to the flow of divine and cosmological substance. What’s the measure for our existence if we are not able to capture her real identity? 300+ years young and now she knows life beyond her spiritual makeup. It’s too far a task to ask of such a young talent. As the days and nights fade and the rivers run deep who’s to blame for the madness? Who can be counted on to address the nation? When you sit in the nothingness of her experiences for a while you begin to question the nature of her being. At the core of what we are trying to infuse in the fabric of these experiences is already available. Yes, the bias and disparities as Thomas Sowell frequents exist throughout her walls, for which must be addressed as something that needs to paint a different picture outside of the fabricated lies, she tells herself about herself.

You have America and then there are inhabitants that inhabit America. Lets not make the distinction that we are somehow attached to the spiritual connotation of America outside of the lessons she brings to the universal order of things. America is an element of fiction that must be described as an idea. Noted Novelist and writer Walter Mosley, explains that “You can, more or less easily, explain the phenomenal world either inside your body or outside: heat. Cold, pain, size, shape, color”. He leaves the imagination searching for meaning in regard to expressing the nature of an idea. How do we describe America and what she stands for?

Is American reality hell bent on overlooking the Native Indians and Slavery as benchmarks for which America refuses to apologize for? For what do we owe American theology outside of her goofball tenants who brought 2 + 2 together and created 4. Who imagined that black slaves from Africa could help build the foundation for American civilization as we know of it today? Walter Mosely further explained that “We create by imagining and it’s the role of fiction to suppose and then engender”. Using fiction as a metaphor for the production of American ideals is a great way to understand the challenging narrative surrounding the deceit that is used to extend power structures. in America.  

What is America producing for which could help establish understanding of what it means to live in a real world. A line from Kevin Coval book “Everything must go” explains it this way in a poem called “The Real World” …

“Ubris Orbis closed

Light fixtures upgraded

the windows new, the 11th season

of MTV’s the real world, the latest neighbors

seven strangers who are not polite

Viacom production teams broadcast the death

of a neighborhood as far as transnational cable lines

Could reach.

America as the world’s neighborhood has shifted its position to that of something more defensive and emotional. Given the Cancerian nature of her independence (July 4, 1776) she instantly becomes a lover and a fighter. With military bases the world over and an outstanding naval presence you can’t doubt the seriousness of her mission in protecting the powerful reputation of America. It makes you understand how the oppressor views racism. Although, we understand racism to be America’s biggest sin, the nature of what is going on globally (I.e. Climate Change, Economic upheavals, demographics shifts, technological advancements and military conquests) makes you see why racism in terms of finding common ground is put at the bottom of the totem pole.

Racism is real and it’s beginning to seem like the mask is coming off. There may never be equality amongst the races, but respect must ensure. Cleansing the doors of our perceptions begins to acquiesce the notion that we need to think differently about America’s ultimate aim, and the people who inhabit her despot. Many philosophical constructs make up the nature of what we view America as. Culturally, as I mentioned earlier, she is a melting pot of human advancement. She is an unknown entity that has been given the power to operate at levels the world has never seen. It’s not what our sense feed on that determines the nature and narrative of the story that we are supposed to create. The fictional characters of America ideology needs to be brought to life.  

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