A Letter to my Son (Part 1) “Thoughts on my Son’s future in America”

Dear, Jayden,

I am beginning this letter with an ire of gratitude for the gift God granted unto me. He gave me a son, a young cub, a warrior and fierce competitor. He gave me a unique perspective on manhood. He gave me life when hell was breathing down my face. A baby boy, a new creation and a new chance at life. Your arrival marked the start of something. I have loved, spanked and cared for your soul. As my most beloved ideology you represent something only God can explain. Others can’t see what I see. Your smile, personality, intelligence, wisdom, poise and God-like charm. You will take the reins in time to come and life up a new standard in our bloodline.

You are a mixture of me and your mom. You favor your uncle and exude your grandfather’s loving nature. More than that you remind me of that place I used to go to comfort my pain, and to wipe away my tears. Having brought you into a place that was so foreign to my eyes, gives me hope that I can one day turn the tides and create a new hope in the destiny of our lineage. I know what the world has done to your sense of self these few years of your existence. I survived the same sentiments in my first few years as well. I will not bash America nor my upbringing for the ways in which I have reared your soul, nor will I condemn religion or the theology of my past for molding my thought process concerning fatherhood.

You reside in a world that has destroyed thousands of your brothers, in the name of religion. It’s a racist conundrum of ideologies, philosophies, thoughts processes, agenda’s, anything that dampens the progressive ideals of the black identity. You must see to it that you learn how to read between the lines. There are boundaries that can’t be crossed and boundaries that can. America is a confused melting pot of powerful disagreements. Wealth is everywhere and at the same time its invisible to the naked eye. You must become vigilant and tough when it comes to death, destruction, pain, confusion and your faith. Your lineage leans heavy upon God to deliver what we can’t manifest for ourselves. Wars and rumors of wars are the norm. Don’t believe the hype. Never let external forces dictate the mandate of legacy.

There will be crime, upsets, shootings, killings, presidents, love, pain, healing, education, enthusiasm, creativity, friends and world that knows no boundaries. Yet, it’s your place that you must find and make the most of the opportunities that life is affording you. Now, my son remember you were born under circumstances that makes you have to fight for your life. I am writing to let you know how the world will view you in respect to your accomplishments, talents, gender, ethnicity or creed. In the eyes of the world you are isolated from your real beginnings. You can’t be sent back nowhere. You reside in the despot of American ideology and must create a medium of exchange for your ideals to land.

You will not understand the demons that exist beyond the surface. Fourteen years on this planet and though your parents are educated in many facets of the struggle for black existence you still have a long road to travel. You are loved by your grandparents, uncles, aunts, friends and cousins. Born, in the fabric of Higher Education your path warrants study as a means of making sense of your world. Despite what you are taught in the halls of America’s educational system you are still tasked with the responsibility to seek a deeper and more elongated truth. Every generation has a new mission and contextual pie to slice up. Yours is no different.  

Carry your name well. It isn’t an accident that I named you after “Alexander the Great” based on the context he provides for military conquest and empire building. I was shaping your destiny and granting you the freedom to utilize “Higher-Education, Entrepreneurship, warfare and military tactics to build empires. It seems like it was just yesterday when you slept on my chest, as my heart pounded through embracing the ambiguity of disfunction. My heart is still pounding because we need you to survive for your children’s and grandchildren’s sake. You must keep the narrative moving forward. You can’t just do what you want, when you want to do it and how you want to do it.

You can’t just marry anyone. Your bride must be codified in the language of faith and baptized in the pool of righteousness. This is all too important based on the fact that you were born into a world that wasn’t designed for you to succeed. Never impede your own progression. The worst thing you could ever do in America is to destroy yourself for the oppressor. You weren’t expected to be great and to provide sustenance to your community. You are a young man of color living in a world that disrespects your mind unless they can exploit it for gain to their benefit. You must at all cost exercise caution in the face of the unknown. There are things that will vie for your time, money, energy, and efforts. Choose wisely this day in who you will serve.

Part of your legacy begins in the Apostolic movement. Do your best to embrace these roots and create a long-lasting dialogue with God. Wealth, riches, honor and long life shall be unto you when you follow protocol of wise counsel. You may not be very familiar with Louisville, New Albany, or Frankfort as well as I do but go deeper. I am trying my best to give slices of perspectives to grab as you move about in this world. A solid foundation will carry you far when you begin moving about without the comfort of blood relatives at the daily whims of your surroundings. Never believe or trust anything anybody says without doing your research and due diligence including myself. Never believe the hype about what you listen to or read about black men in general.

Please, son be clear about the emotions and events that sprang up in your life from now until you are out of college and creating wealth for yourself. There is no reason for you to become like white people. Don’t accept the assumptions that you have lots of friends in America. Love yourself and fight to identify with who you are in relation to what the world will try to label you as. In a few years’ life will hit you like a ton of bricks and although I will be present to guide your progression, there are thing about life that can only be learned through trial and error. Failure will be your greatest teacher. It’s about how long can you sit in failure until you find the golden door of opportunity that finally opens.

It could take years for you to achieve any of your dreams or aspirations. The cycles of life never change as you will always incur seed, time and harvest. Embrace the negligence of thought. Your mind will play tricks on you from time to time. Live a little and be patient with the process. American history is dark and sinister, and you need to understand that. There are tens of thousands of books I will leave you that helps in your understanding of the who, when, where and why you exist. Many individuals who are trapped in darkness that you will meet that will never understand your light. One of the toughest pills to swallow for which you will learn to overcome is rejection. Why You? I am glad you asked.

My son you will get rejected because you don’t belong to every group, click, club, organization, thought process, ideologies, and agendas that may seek to impede your progression. There are places you will have access to and then there are placed that you will not access to. The best way I can explain it is that it takes time to walk into full maturation. There are mental systems and processes that must be set in order before the full manifestation of on an idea can take place. When the student is ready the teacher will appear. Look at you all flashy fly and social. Snapchat’s, Instagram, video games, basketball, shoes, NIKE’s. The culture of being cool, accepted and fitting in is something real that your generation will embrace.

It will be hard for me to see you fail. Yet, I know you will get back up and begin again. The future of America is something that must be examined. I am only vaguely throwing out a few nuggets for the deep things belong unto God. Yes, I am writing a family manual that will guide our truths for the next 150 years, but for now you are my son. Stay abreast of the changes that is happening in and around your world. Study trends, observe, think, build, write, study, and find the means for understanding why your pops failed so much to get you this point in your existence. My weaknesses will not become your downfall. You will rise above my indifferences. I am here for you.



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